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SFB Mikroplastik Seminar: Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg


Protein Engineering for Plastic Management
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwaneberg, Biotechnologie, RWTH Aachen

Plastics production reached ~370 million tons worldwide and our environment is massively contaminated with plastic waste. Microplastic contaminations alone are estimated to be in total 1.8-5.0 Mio tons with a yearly increase of 42 000 t (source European Chemical Agency; ECHA). Microplastic-particles can still be found in daily-used products such as cosmetics, cleaning/laundry products, and fertilizers. Based on bioaccumulation studies of Microplastic-particles the ECHA recommends wide-ranging restrictions on Microplastic in products to ensure human and environmental health. This ‘ban on microplastic’ is expected to be adopted into EU legislation till 2022, however, so far no holy grail’ analytics has been developed to enable material-specific quantification of Microplastic-particles in high-throughput. In the presentation I will outline the advancement that we have achieved in designing by material-specific binding through protein engineering methodologies and their application in microplastic quantification and degradation.

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