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Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

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New CRC 1357 Publication

How long do nanoplastic particles stay in sediments? Taotao Lu & co-authors explore this question in their new publication "Relevance of Iron Oxyhydroxide and Pore Water Chemistry on the Mobility of Nanoplastic Particles in Water-Saturated Porous Media Environments".  ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

Polymers are turning 100 years old! The success story of plastics is closely linked to plastic pollution. Is this solely a material problem? Millican & Agarwal shed light on this question in their new publication: "Plastic Pollution: A Material Problem?  ...more

New Book Chapter published

Christian Laforsch, Anja Ramsperger, Simona Mondellini from the University of Bayreuth and Tamara Galloway from the University of Exceter have published a joint book chapter: "Microplastics: A Novel Suite of Environmental Contaminants but Present for Decades" in the book Regulatory Toxicology.   ...more

New CRC 1357 Project

The DFG is funding a new CRC 1357 sub-project. Prof. Eva Lehndorff and Prof. Tillmann Lüders and their team are investigating microplastics in the rhizosphere of crop plants and are interested in the effects on physical, chemical and microbiological processes in the soil.  ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

How are microplastics extracted from soil samples, purified and analysed spectroscopically? Julia Möller and her co-authors answer this in the new Environmental Chemistry publication "Tackling the Challenge of Extracting Microplastics from Soils: A Protocol to Purify Soil Samples for Spectroscopic Analysis".  ...more

Picture microplastics on the beach of Lanzarote

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We are now part of the "Tweetosphere": Information from, for and around the Collaborative Research Center 1357 Microplastics can now be found on Twitter. Follow us!  ...more

Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

The Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1357: "Microplastics - Understanding the mechanisms and processes of biological effects, transport and formation: From model to complex systems as a basis for new solutions" investigates the formation, migration and effects of microplastics and develops new approaches to solving this immense environmental problem.

​Introducing the SFB

More than 30 scientists from three profile fields of the University of Bayreuth are researching together in 16 interdisciplinary teams in the SFB Microplastics. ...more

Seminars on Microplastics

Researchers from Germany and around the world provide insights into their work. As a rule, the seminars are open to the public and interested parties are cordially invited. ...more

News - Dates - Events

Stay tuned for updates! News from science, activities of the SFB Microplastics as well as dates and events are announced here. ...more

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