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Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

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SFB Mikroplastik Seminar

We are looking forward to our next seminar guest Prof. Dr. Martin Koch from the working group semiconductorphotonics from the Philipps University Marburg, on 13. December 2012, 17:00 online via ZOOM: Spectroscopic detection of microplastics.  ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

Biodegradable polymers are a possible solution for plastic products in open environmental applications.The special polyesters developed are a promising candidate and a promising start for future degradation studies! Congratulations!  ...more

Special Achievement:

Sarah Spreng receives the 3rd place of the Sustainability Award of the University of Bayreuth for her thesis "Investigation of the adhesion between microplastic particles and cells using microfluidics". The work was carried out as part of the A04 project of the SFB 1357 - Microplastics. Congratulations!  ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

The pilot study shows that plastic degrading enzymes, such as PETase derived from bacteria (Ideonella sakaiensis), have the potential to accelerate the degradation of macroplastics on a relevant scale. Congratulations to the interdisciplinary team of C01, C03 & B01.   ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

Raindrops cause complicated splash patterns when they hit a water surface. In addition, a new computational and experimental study from subproject B04 shows that microplastics are thrown into the atmosphere. Congratulations!  ...more

Mushroom Revival Podcast: Plastic Eating Fungi

Four PhD students of the CRC 1357 Microplastics are guests and report on the interaction between fungi and plastics. From myco-restoration and degradation, microplastics, polymer science and ecological observations.  ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

New insights into ecotoxicologcal effects are now possible by multimodal imaging. The combination of MALD-MSI and FTIR allow the rapid and label-free histochemical characterization of tissues. Congratulation to the team of A03!  ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

Do pollutants such as brake abrasion, soot, microplastics and fibres or manure have short term-effects on a common ant species? The species studied, Lasius niger, is very robust - only manure has an impact on the establishment of new colonies! Congratulations to the A02 team and their co-authors.  ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

A novel coating with nanosheets makes PET film an easy-to-manufacture alternative to metal-coated plastic films with comparable oxygen barrier properties. Congratulations on the new publication to the team from C02.  ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

Sustainable electrospun membranes opens up the possibility for successful broad-spectrum nanoparticle adsorption. A significant step towards the reduction of nanoparticles discharge and remediation of aqueous environmental media! Congratulation to the C05 team!  ...more

New CRC 1357 publication

Increased humidity tolerance reached by an adopted fabrication and their improved barrier properties renders biodegradable PVOH foils attractive for food packaging due to their barrier properties—congratulation to the C02 team!  ...more

Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

The Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1357: "Microplastics - Understanding the mechanisms and processes of biological effects, transport and formation: From model to complex systems as a basis for new solutions" investigates the formation, migration and effects of microplastics and develops new approaches to solving this immense environmental problem.

​Introducing the SFB

More than 30 scientists from three profile fields of the University of Bayreuth are researching together in 16 interdisciplinary teams in the SFB Microplastics. ...more

Seminars on Microplastics

CRC 1357 microplastics seminar time is on mondays 5pm.The next guests in the seminar are PD Dr. Andrea Haase from the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment on 25.10.2021 and Prof. Dr. Iseult Lynch from the University of Birmingham on 08.11.2021. ...more

News - Dates - Events

Stay tuned for updates! News from science, activities of the SFB Microplastics as well as dates and events are announced here. ...more

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