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Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

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Highly Cited Reseearchers

Highly Cited Researchers

Congratulations to Prof. Laforsch. and Dr. Löder on this special award "Highly Cited Researchers 2023": it honours the 1% of scientists whose publications are cited most frequently worldwide. An overview of all publications of tht CRC can be found in the "Publications" section.  ...more

Prof. Laforsch ist Professor des Jahres

Prof. Laforsch is "Professor of the Year" 2023

Congratulations: Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch is "Professor of the Year" of the UNICUM Foundation! The outstanding commitment of the SFB Microplastics spokesperson in teaching and his passionate way of inspiring his environment and supporting their development were recognised by an independent jury.  ...more

Articel in the GDCH magazin

Article in the news magazine of GDCH

An informative article with the title "A primer to enzymatic polymer degradation" by Chengzhang Xu, Seema Agarwal, Andreas Möglich and Andreas Greiner is published in the magazine of GDCH.  ...more

TV report on BR for the magazine quer

TV report on BR for the magazine quer

Since mid-October, there has been an EU-wide ban on the sale of microplastics in cosmetics and loose glitter. Watch the video with an interview with spokesperson of the Collaborative Research Centre Microplastics Prof. Laforsch from BR in our media library.  ...more

Female Empowerment Coaching

Female Empowerment Coaching

On 12 December, the second part of the SFB workshop "Female Empowerment" will take place under the direction of Dr Meike Lauggas.  ...more

Graphic of the new LIBS analysis

New CRC 1357 Publication

How do plastics degrade in the environment and fragment into smaller microplastics? Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) was used to investigate the depth profiles of plastics and the heterogeneous degradation. Nice cooperation with the group of Prof. Dr. Martin Koch from the Philipps University Marburg.  ...more

Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

The Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1357: "Microplastics - Understanding the mechanisms and processes of biological effects, transport and formation: From model to complex systems as a basis for new solutions" investigates the formation, migration and effects of microplastics and develops new approaches to solving this immense environmental problem.

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