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SFB Mikroplastik Seminar: Dr. Dirk Broßell


Assessment of health risks of high aspect ratio materials: New techniques for material control and testing
Dr. Dirk Broßell, Partikelförmige Gefahrstoffe, BAuA, Dortmund

Dust of high aspect ratio materials (HARM) can be hazardous to human health when inhaled. The classical fibre pathogenicity paradigm (FPP) predicts a carcinogenic potential in humans for inhalable biodurable fibres. Innovative testing methods and the availability of materials with narrow diameter distributions like carbon nanotubes and synthetic polymer fibres will and have already contribute(d) to a better understanding of the underlying pathomechanical cell effects that motivate a revision and extension of the FPP. Apart from implementing appropiate safety measures for workers, risk prediction enables the identification of parameters for designing and manufacturing safer HARM.

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