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SFB Mikroplastik Seminar: Dr. Elke Brandes


Modelling microplastic input into agricultural soils – first results and a perspective
Dr. Elke Brandes, Institut für Ländliche Räume, Thünen-Insitut, Braunschweig

In both science and society, agriculture has been featuring prominently as an emitter of microplastics into soils, but its relevance compared with other sources (industry, littering, etc.) remains largely unknown. The talk will include some spatially explicit modelling results of MP emission distributions from the BMBF funded projects PLAWES and MicroCatch_Balt, and discuss these in context with the whole transport pathway chain from terrestrial to marine environments. It will also highlight the importance of multi-scale modelling approaches towards a holistic understanding as a basis for political decision-making.

Posterankündigung: SFB 1357 Seminar Dr. Elke Brandes
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