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SFB 1357 Beiträge vEGU21


The European Geoscience Union is carrying its annual meeting from 19thApril -30th April. The CRC 1357 microplastics has submitted five contributions to this year’s vEGU21 – we wish our PhD students, Post-Docs and PIs a great presentation, interested audience and good discussions!

  • 26 April 13:56-13:58 in Global plastic contamination: a journey towards scientifically informed policies and solutions
    Laboratory and numerical investigation of the factors controlling the residence time of microplastics in the water column of thermally stratified lakes
    Hassan Elagami, Pouyan Ahmadi, Sven Frei, Martin Obst, and Benjamin Gilfedder
  • 29 April 11:13-11:15 in Emerging particles and biocolloids in terrestrial and aquatic systems
    Microplastic water repellency impacts water flow and microplastic transport in soils
    Andreas Cramer, Pascal Benard, Anders Kaestner, Mohsen Zare, and Andrea Carminati

  • 29 Apr, 11:15–11:17 in Emerging particles and biocolloids in terrestrial and aquatic systems
    Spatial analysis of riverine microplastic in a Rhine floodplain soil in Germany
    Markus Rolf, Martin G. J. Löder, Hannes Laermanns, Lukas Kienzler, Florian Steininger, Julia Möller, Christian Laforsch, and Christina Bogner

  • 29 Apr, 11:27–11:29 in Emerging particles and biocolloids in terrestrial and aquatic systems
    Method and challenges of tracing soil-surface transport of microplastic particles with an advanced-imaging sCMOS camera
    Hannes Laermanns, David Haas, Marcel Klee, Florian Steininger, Martin Löder, and Christina Bogner

  • 29 April 16:20-16:22 in Plastic in freshwater environments
    Quantifying microplastic particle transport and retention in an experimental flume environment
    Jan-Pascal Boos, Benjamin Gilfedder, and Sven Frei
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