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Organisational matters & procedure

Information on the procedure and the necessary forms for the application and the "submission of the dissertation" can be found on the BayNAT. The following is a shortened version of the procedure and lists the necessary steps and forms.

Procedure for admission to the doctoral programme

Admission to the doctoral programme and BayNAT, and acceptance for doctoral studies

Admission to the doctoral programme begins with the conclusion of the supervision agreement with your supervisor.
and the composition of the mentorate. This consists of 3 people (your supervisor plus 2 people from InterMicro). The mentors must, of course, give their consent to participate in advance.

Then send the complete documents (see below) to the dean's office responsible for you. The dean's office responsible will then carry out a final check of all the documents and the online registration. Once these are complete, the responsible dean's office will send the documents to the director of the InterMicro executive board. This person checks the documents and signs the admission form as confirmation that you can be accepted into the doctoral programme and BayNAT.

To confirm your acceptance into BayNAT/the doctoral programme and acceptance for doctoral studies, you will receive a letter by post signed by the director or deputy director - and your doctoral process officially begins.

The following documents must be submitted to the governing body:

  • Admission form to the InterMicro PhD programme
  • 1 copy of the supervision agreement (a sample of a possible supervision agreement can be found here)
  • a certified copy of the university degree entitling the holder to a doctorate (usually a Master's degree, in the case of foreign degrees the equivalence must be checked in advance), original certificates can be certified by the respective dean's office.
  • If the degree is not sufficiently relevant to the subject, acceptance may be made dependent on the completion of additional work (see the doctoral regulations of the BayNAT).
  • Application for acceptance for doctoral studies
  • Registration in the online database of BayNAT

Procedure of the PhD

Accompanying the research activity, each doctoral student completes an individual training programme that is optimally geared to the individual skills and needs of the doctoral student and the requirements of the scientific doctoral project.
This programme is designed to support the doctoral students' training in independent research and in scientific, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary communication and to enable them to take on responsible activities in education, research, industry and society.

Admission to the doctoral examination procedure ("Submission of the dissertation")

You are about to write and submit your dissertation? Then your dean's office will be happy to advise you on the structure of the dissertation or the formal requirements, the documents to be submitted and the further procedural steps.

  • In addition, InterMicro has produced a handout containing information on the structure and formal requirements. You can download this here.

Meeting dates of the executive board are only set in most programmes once a dissertation has been submitted. The required meeting usually takes place within a month.

Doctorate Regulations

  • The doctoral regulations govern the doctoral procedure for all PhD programmes.
  • The BayNAT regulations describe the internal organisation of the Graduate School and the individual doctoral programmes with their different characteristics and respective special features.
    It also contains the requirements and regulations for InterMicro (Appendix XIII).

Additional forms

Further documents (e.g. application for admission to the doctoral examination procedure, sample pages for the dissertation, info sheet), as well as detailed and individual information (e.g. on the formal structure of the dissertation or on the entire doctoral [examination] procedure) can be obtained at any time from your responsible Dean's Office
(Faculty I or Faculty II). Please feel free to come and see us in person!

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