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Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

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Group Picture of the Write it Right Workshop 2021

Write it Right Workshop 2023

On October 12 and 13, 2023, the writing workshop "Write it Right" will take place as part of the CRC 1357 Microplastics PhD training. We are looking forward to the workshop leader Prof. Dr. Gadi Rothenberg and exciting manuscripts. 5 places are still available - you can register until October 25!  ...more

Flyer Mädchen und Technik

Girls and Technology November 2023

You are 10-14 years old and want to know more about microplastics? How does it get into our environment? How is it created? Visit us at the Collaborative Research Center Microplastics on November 03, 2023 from 14:00-17:00. Registration possible until 24 October!  ...more

Bild von Mikroplastik Partikeln und der Hyporheischen Zone

New CRC 1357 Publication

Rivers and streams are important pathways for microplastics entering the marine environment. This study makes an important contribution to our understanding of transport processes in river systems and demonstrates the advantages and limitations of a fully integrated modeling approach to study the transport and retention of microplastics in rivers and streams.  ...more

Titelbild der Sendung "Earthgame" im KIKA

Microplastics at KIKA

"Earthgame - Die Wasserretter" can be seen on Saturday, 16.09.2023 at 20:10 on KIKA and 9.30 Uhr on ZDF. We were happy to support the production of the quiz show with our expertise and materials.  ...more

Photo of Johanna Fritsche and Simon Wieland the new PhD speakers

New PhD speakers elected

We congratulate Johanna Fritsche (A05 project) and Simon Wieland (A04 project) on their new position as PhD speakers. They have many fresh ideas to promote team spirit and exchange at doctoral level. We wish them much success for the implementation!  ...more

Group photo of the new PhD

CRC 1357 PhD Symposium 2023

With our guests Dr. Manuel Häußler (German Study Award 2022), Dr. Jasmin Herr (GDCh) and Dr. Mirjam Horn-Schott from the Research Support Office of the University of Bayreuth, this year's PhD Symposium will focus on the topic of scientific prizes.   ...more


New CRC 1357 Publication

Through systematic literature review and meta-analysis, the authors identify parameters that may influence the observed effects of microplastics on water fleas in experimental studies and draw attention to research gaps. Read all recommendations in the open access publication!  ...more

Foto mit Präsident,  Annika Fischer,

Sustainablity Awards for Theses 2023

Congratulations to Annika Fischer. With her bachelor thesis "Investigation of the degradation behaviour of polyolefin films under artificial weathering", Annika has won 2nd place in this year's Sustainability Award for Theses 2023 at the University of Bayreuth.  ...more

graphical abstract showing the different layers in a lake

New CRC 1357 Publication

How long does microplastic remain in lakes? Zooplankton, such as water fleas, are small but crucial in answering this question. They absorb tiny microplastic particles in the upper layers of the lake, and their excreted feces sink much faster than individual particles. As a result, the residence time is reduced from 15 years to less than 1 year.   ...more

Photo of Maximilan Röhrl and Josef Breu

GDCh Price Winners

Congratulations to this year's team of winners of the Dres.-Volker-und-Elke-Münch Prize for Science and Research of the GDCh. Maximilian Röhrl and Prof. Josef Breu were awarded for their research on compostable and sustainable paper barrier laminates - an alternative for plastic packaging without microplastic formation.  ...more

Image excerpt from Arte Re Reportage. Researchers of the SFB 1357 examine a water sample from the Red Main.

Arte Re: CRC 1357 Microplastic

The Arte reportage series "Re:" tells people's stories - authentically and up close. This episode is about microplastics and the Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1357 at the University of Bayreuth.  ...more

Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

The Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1357: "Microplastics - Understanding the mechanisms and processes of biological effects, transport and formation: From model to complex systems as a basis for new solutions" investigates the formation, migration and effects of microplastics and develops new approaches to solving this immense environmental problem.

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