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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

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CRC microplastics meets art


Ausstellung mameemaamain

The CRC 1357 microplastics is part of the ma.mee.maa.main exhibition at Jean Paul Art Space in Bayreuth during the region's second Water Month in March. We provide information about microplastics in the environment with posters alongside pictures and sculptures  by artists from the region. Of course, the focus is on the sample analysis of the Red Main and the Mainaue.

16 artists from Franconia, Karlsruhe and Leipzig have recently worked artistically on the theme of water and the Main: herman de vries, Helmut Droll, Kristin Finsterbusch, Gabriele Goerke, Karl Grunwald, Jürgen Hochmuth, Herbert Holzheimer, Gerd Kanz, Gerhard Nerowski, Angelika Summa, Werner Tögel, Sandro Vadim, Jochen Vollmond, Gabi Weinkauf, Wolf-Dietrich Weissbach, Lisa Wölfel

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