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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics

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Meeting C-Projects

23.07.2020, start 09:00 am, NWI, H14

Meeting 23rd Juli 2020, C-Projects organized by Seema Agarwal

Mechanisms of degradation of plastics in natural and technical systems

09:00-09:10    Welcome (S. Agarwal)

09:10-09:40    C01-Teresa Menzel (Prof. Volker Altstädt)
09:40-10:10    C01-Nora Meides (Prof. Peter Strohriegl)
10:10-10:40    C01-Björn Poetzschner (Prof. Jürgen Senker)
                                             10:40-11:10    C04-Stephan Rohrbach (Prof. Marcus Horn)

                                            11:10-11:30    Break

                                             11:30-12:00    C04-Gerasimos Makis Gkoutselis (Prof. Gerhard Rambold)
                                             12:00-12:30    C02-Elmar Sehl (Prof. Seema Agarwal)
                                             12.30-13:00    C02-Renee Timmins (Prof. Josef Breu)

                                             13:00-14:00    Lunch Mensa

                                             14:00-14:30   C03-Sebastian Weigert (Prof. Birte Höcker)
                                             14:30:15:00   C03-Elisa Bombarda (Prof. Matthias Ullmann)
                                             15:00-15:30   C05-Thomas Steiner (Prof. Ruth Freitag)
                                             15:30-16:00   C05-Yuanhu Zhang (Prof. Andreas Greiner) 

                                             16:00-16:30   Discussion

* Please bring your own face mask and wear it when entering the H14.
* Please choose one of the signed seats to keep a distance of 2m to each neighbour.

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