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Prof. Dr. Heike Feldhaar Prof. Dr. Heike Feldhaar
Prof. Dr. Heike Feldhaar

Subproject A02



Holzinger, Anja; Hink, Linda; Sehl, Elmar; Rüppel, Nadine; Lehndorff, Eva; Weig, Alfons; Agarwal, Seema; Horn, Marcus A.; Feldhaar, Heike
Biodegradable polymers boost reproduction in the earthworm Eisenia fetida
in Science of the Total Environment volume 892 (2023)
doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.164670 ...

Kniese, Jasmin; Ritschar, Sven; Bünger, Lina; Feldhaar, Heike; Laforsch, Christian; Römpp, Andreas; Schmidt, Heinar
Localisation and identification of polystyrene particles in tissue sections using Raman spectro ...
in NanoImpact volume 30 (2023)
doi:10.1016/j.impact.2023.100465 ...

Hink, Linda; Holzinger, Anja; Sandfeld, Tobias; Weig, Alfons; Schramm, Andreas; Feldhaar, Heike; Horn, Marcus A.
Microplastic ingestion affects hydrogen production and microbiomes in the gut of the terrestria ...
in Environmental Microbiology volume 25 (2023) issue 12. - page 2776-2791
doi:10.1111/1462-2920.16386 ...


Holzinger, Anja; Mair, Magdalena; Lücker, Darleen; Seidenath, Dimitri; Opel, Thorsten; Langhof, Nico; Otti, Oliver; Feldhaar, Heike
Comparison of fitness effects in the earthworm Eisenia fetida after exposure to single or multi ...
in Science of the Total Environment volume 838, Part 3 (2022)
doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.156387 ...

Riedl, Simon; Völkl, Matthias; Holzinger, Anja; Jasinski, Julia; Jérôme, Valérie; Scheibel, Thomas; Feldhaar, Heike; Freitag, Ruth
In vitro cultivation of primary intestinal cells from Eisenia fetida as basis for ecotoxicologi ...
in Ecotoxicology volume 31 (2022) . - page 221-233
doi:10.1007/s10646-021-02495-2 ...


Seidenath, Dimitri; Holzinger, Anja; Kemnitz, Klara; Langhof, Nico; Lücker, Darleen; Opel, Thorsten; Otti, Oliver; Feldhaar, Heike
Individual vs. Combined Short-Term Effects of Soil Pollutants on Colony Founding in a Common An ...
in Frontiers in Insect Science volume 1 (2021)
doi:10.3389/finsc.2021.761881 ...

Prof. Dr. Heike Feldhaar

Subproject A02

Prof. Dr. Heike Feldhaar
University of Bayreuth | Animal Ecology I

University of Bayreuth
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95440 Bayreuth

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