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The Mouse Door Opener Day on October 3rd 2023 at CRC microplastics


Bild der Maus

On 3. October, the doors of the University of Bayreuth will once again open for children: The "Sendung mit der Maus" (WDR) is calling for "Doors Open Day with the Mouse".

Children of pre-school and primary school age can approach the important topic of microplastics in our environment in a playful way by doing handicrafts, researching and experimenting in the "Special Research Area Microplastics". Participation is very limited and only possible after registration at anmeldung-maus@uni-bayreuth.de. The doors will open once in the morning 10-12 hrs and once in the afternoon 13-15 hrs.

During the visit, which lasts about an hour, pre-school and primary school children and their parents can discover what microplastics are, how they are produced and what happens to them in the environment. Under the microscope, they can observe living water fleas, which help us understand the effect of microplastics on our habitat. The transport of microplastics in our environment is vividly explained when plastic sticks sometimes float and sometimes do not.

Plastics are valuable and innovative materials for our future that should be used sustainably and not end up in the environment. What is plastic and what do we need it for? Can we do without it or can plastics be improved? How can we contribute to reusing the man-made, valuable raw material plastic? This gives the children a unique insight into research at the University of Bayreuth.

Here is the consent form for participants

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