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CRC 1357 Microplastics seminar: 25.07.2022 | Prof. Dr. Peter Fiener | Arable soils - a leaking sink of microplastic?


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Monday, 25. July 2022
16:00, Virtual ZOOM or H18, NWII

Prof. Dr. Peter Fiener, Water and Soil Resource Research, University Augsburg
Coordinator of the EU Innovative Training Network ‘Macro and micro plastic in agricultural soil systems (SOPLAS)'

Arable soils - a leaking sink of microplastic?

The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1357 Microplastics has its own series of events at which, at irregular intervals, guests from the CRC but also members of the CRC themselves present new findings from the world of microplastics research.
The lecture lasts about 45 minutes and there is time for questions afterwards.

The lectures usually take place in presence on the campus of the University of Bayreuth, but they may also be attended in a LiveStream (ZOOM). The link will be announced in the newsletter on the day of the event. Registration can be found on the CRC 1357 website (link).

The CRC 1357 deals with the formation, migration and effects of microplastics and develops new solutions for this immense environmental problem.

This talk will focus on the potential importance of surface runoff and soil erosion as long-lasting pathways of microplastics from arable soils to inland waters. The talk will be subdivided into a general introduction regarding the challenges in dealing with soil and microplastic erosion on larger scales and will present original research comprising microplastic erosion process studies as well as first modelling approaches quantifying the erosion transport pathways in a mesoscale catchment. The latter underpins that even if the microplastic input to arable soils could be regulated today, soils would remain a diffuse microplastic source for inland waters for centuries.

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