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17.03.2023 Workshop for PhDs (f/m/d) | "The patriarchy of things - and how it influences my research" | Deadline 31.01.2023
09.03.2023 EU-Event in Brussels | Stakeholder Workshop | Tackling microplastics in the environment | Deadline for registration 26.01.2023
30.01.2023 CRC 1357 Microplastics Seminar: 30.01.2023 | Dr. Sonja Oberbeckmann | The microplastic microbiome
23.01.2023 International doctoral candidates in the context "microplastics in soils" wanted for DAAD scholarship programme (f/d/m) | Application deadline 31.01.2023
12.01.2023 New CRC 1357 publication: Elagami (2023) -  Quantifying microplastic residence times in lakes using mesocosm experiments and transport modelling
12.01.2023 New feature by Andreas Cramer and Andrea Carminati in csa news | The Incredible Shrinking Polymer - What Is Happening in Soils as Plastics Transform into Ever Smaller Pieces?
11.01.2023 New magazine article: Horizon - the research magazine of the European Cmmission highlights the CRC 1357 sister project and ITN network limnoplast
10.01.2023 BayCEER/GCE/ECCH course "Project Management and Scientific Coordination" visits the CRC 1357 microplastic
17.12.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Laermanns (2022) - Microplastic in Water and Sediments at the Confluence of the Elbe and Mulde Rivers in Germany
16.12.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Hu (2022) - Tailor-made compostable polyurethanes
12.12.2022 CRC 1357 Microplastics seminar: 12.12.2022 | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Josef Endres | Closing the gap between laboratory and field tests to investigate the aquatic degradability of plastics
12.12.2022 New CRC 1357 press release: Microplastics in human tissue samples: International study warns against drawing premature conclusions 
05.12.2022 CRC 1357 Microplastics seminar: 05.12.2022 | Prof. Dr. Nelson Odume | How should we consider the role of hydraulic habitats and traits in the study of the distribution and effects of microplastics in riverine systems?
30.11.2022 New CRC 1357 press release: Accelerating plastic degradation in the environment: Bayreuth study researches heat resistance of enzymes
25.11.2022 2. funding period for the CRC Microplastics from 2023-2026
15.11.2022 Dr. Martin Löder is "Highly Cited Researcher 2022"
14.11.2022 MICRO 2022 Atlas Edition: Plastic Pollution from Macro to Nano
11.11.2022 Oral Presentation Award
06.11.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Weigert (2022) -  Investigation of the halophilic PET hydrolase PET6 from Vibrio gazogenes
06.11.2022 Microplastics 2022
03.11.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Dudko (2022) - Spontaneous delamination of affordable natural vermiculite as a high barrier filler for biodegradable food packaging
05.08.2022 New SFB 1357 publication: Völkl (2022) -  Pristine and artificially-aged polystyrene microplastic particles differ in regard to cellular response
01.08.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Ritschar (2022) - Taking advantage of transparency: A proof-of-principle for the analysis of the uptake of labeled microplastic particles by organisms of different functional feeding guilds using an adapted CUBIC protocol
25.07.2022 CRC 1357 Microplastics seminar: 25.07.2022 | Prof. Dr. Peter Fiener | Arable soils - a leaking sink of microplastic?
20.06.2022 New SFB 1357 publication: Menzel (2022) -  Degradation of low-density polyethylene to nanoplastic particles by accelerated weathering
20.06.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Mauel (2022) - Quantification of photooxidative defects in weathered microplastics using 13C multiCP NMR spectroscopy
16.05.2022 CRC 1357 Microplastics insights seminar: 16.05.2022 | Jan-Pascal Boos and Dr. Hannes Laermanns | Tracking microplastic transport on the soil surface and at the water-sediment interface
28.04.2022 Girls Day 2022
27.04.2022 New CRC 1357 press release: Nanoplastic particles love company: researchers in Bayreuth analyze polyethylene degradation in the environment
15.04.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Wieland (2022) - From properties to toxicity: Comparing microplastics to other airborne microparticles
15.04.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Zhang (2022) - Biomimetic gill-inspired membranes with direct-through micropores for water remediation by efficiently removing microplastic particles
13.04.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Ahmadi (2022) - Systematic Evaluation of Physical Parameters Affecting the Terminal Settling Velocity of Microplastic Particles in Lakes Using CFD
04.04.2022 CRC 1357 Microplastics insights seminar: 04.04.2022 | Matthias Völkl and Simon Wieland | Mikroplastik ist nicht Mikroplastik - Wenn Partikeleigenschaften über die biologische Wirkung entscheiden
03.04.2022 3sat WissenHoch2: Hazardous waste - hidden dumpsites of the municipalities
16.03.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Esders (2022) - Quantitative detection of aerial suspension of particles with a full-frame visual camera for atmospheric wind tunnel studies
15.03.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Schwarzer (2022) - Shape, size, and polymer dependent effects of microplastics on Daphnia magna
08.03.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Leitner (2022) - Efficient Synthesis and Wetting Characteristics of Amphiphilic Galactose–PLA Block Copolymers: A Potential Additive for the Accelerated Biodegradation of Micro- and Nanoplastics
25.02.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Elagami (2022) - Measurement of microplastic settling velocities and implications for residence times in thermally stratified lakes
21.02.2022 CRC 1357 Microplastics seminar: 21.02.2022 | Prof. Dr. Silke Christiansen | From macro- to nano-plastics: Scale bridging analytics with microscopies and spectroscopies in various matrices and preparative workflows
17.02.2022 New recommendation by the journal Histochemistry & Cell Biology
10.02.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Wilde (2022) - Improving the proteome coverage of Daphnia magna - implications for future ecotoxicoproteomics studies
26.01.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Lehmann (2022) - Analytic Solution to the Piecewise Linear Interface Construction Problem and Its Application in Curvature Calculation for Volume-of-Fluid Simulation Codes
24.01.2022 CRC 1357 Microplastics seminar: 24.01.2022 | Prof. Dr. Thilo Hofmann | Nanotechnology, Nanogeosciences, Nanoplastics: Similarities and Perspectives
14.01.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Shabbir (2022) - Enhanced periphyton biodegradation of endocrine disrupting hormones and microplastic: Intrinsic reaction mechanism, influential humic acid and microbial community structure elucidation
10.01.2022 Siblers DenkRäume: new podcast with Prof. Christian Laforsch
05.01.2022 New CRC 1357 publication: Zhang (2022) - The Bacteroidetes Aequorivita sp. and Kaistella jeonii Produce Promiscuous Esterases With PET-Hydrolyzing Activity
07.12.2021 New CRC 1357 publication: Timmins (2022) - High Barrier Nanocomposite Film with Accelerated Biodegradation by Clay Swelling Induced Fragmentation
26.04.2021 SFB 1357 contributions vEGU21
19.04.2021 Invited Talk: Final Conference "Plastik in der Umwelt"
15.04.2021 New CRC 1357 Publication MethodsX
15.04.2021 Invited Talk: Anja Ramsperger at the Young Macromolecular Webinar
12.04.2021 New CRC 1357 Publication Water, Air, & Soil Pollution
02.04.2021 New CRC 1357 publication ACS Macromolecules
30.03.2021 Microplastics bookchapter in Regulatory Toxicology
11.03.2021 Wanted: PhD Statistical Ecotoxicology
10.03.2021 Radio News BR "Nachhaltige Küchenschürzen"
09.03.2021 Wanted: Chemical technical assistant (f/m/d)
01.03.2021 New Junior Research Group Statistical Ecotoxicology
01.03.2021 New CRC 1357 Publication Biochemistry
26.02.2021 Makromolekulares Kolloquium Freiburg 2021
23.02.2021 New CRC 1357 Publication Environmental Chemistry
20.02.2021 New Feature: ARD W wie wissen " How dangerous are microplastics?"
17.02.2021 CRC 1357 Digital Coffee Break
12.02.2021 New CRC 1357 subproject Microplastics in the Rhizosphere
11.02.2021 Inivted Talk: Christian Laforsch @ AFBW
26.01.2021 Invited Talk: Christian Laforsch @ EAWAG
16.01.2021 Feature BR Gut zu Wissen "What microplastics do to water"
13.01.2021 Invited Talk: Christian Laforsch@ Ringvorlesung Umwelt 2020/2021
10.01.2021 New CRC 1357 Publication Langmuir
08.01.2021 Anjas Paper @ Journal Club Plastic and Waste
21.08.2020 The price for the best manuscript goes to...
20.08.2020 Write it Right Workshop
06.08.2020 Meeting A-Projects
31.07.2020 BR Unser Land
23.07.2020 Meeting C-Projects
07.04.2020 Follow us on Twitter
02.03.2020 1. Bayreuth Microplastics Symposium
27.02.2020 Science meets art... from plastics to microplastics
19.07.2019 Vote CRC1357 PhD Speakers
26.06.2019 Focus online guest article DLD Campus 2019
19.06.2019 CRC 1357 Internal kick-off meeting
18.06.2019 CRC1357 PhD Kickoff Meeting & Vote of the PhD speakers
09.06.2019 School visit RWG Bayreuth
22.05.2019 "13. Würzburger Compoundier Tage" 2019
14.05.2019 DFG Lecture Series "Exkurs" - Insights into the world of science, Bonn
23.04.2019 SFB1357 Microplastics articles in the ubtaktuell 2019/1
04.04.2019 European Geoscience Union 2019 Meeting
27.03.2019 Smart Democracy: Plastik im Meer - Wie stoppen wir die Plastikflut?

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