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Datum News
17.12.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Laermanns (2022) - Microplastic in Water and Sediments at the Confluence of the Elbe and Mulde Rivers in Germany
16.12.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Hu (2022) - Tailor-made compostable polyurethanes
12.12.2022 SFB 1357 Mikroplastik Seminar: 12.12.2022 | Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Josef Endres | Closing the gap between laboratory and field tests to investigate the aquatic degradability of plastics
12.12.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Pressemeldung: Mikroplastik in menschlichen Gewebeproben: Internationale Studie warnt vor voreiligen Schlüssen 
05.12.2022 SFB 1357 Mikroplastik Seminar: 05.12.2022 | Prof. Dr. Nelson Odume | How should we consider the role of hydraulic habitats and traits in the study of the distribution and effects of microplastics in riverine systems?
30.11.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Pressemeldung: Für einen schnelleren Kunststoffabbau in der Umwelt: Bayreuther Studie erforscht Hitzebeständigkeit von Enzymen
25.11.2022 2. Förderperiode des SFB Mikroplastik von 2023-2026
15.11.2022 Dr. Martin Löder wurde als "Highly Cited Researcher 2022" ausgezeichnet
14.11.2022 MICRO 2022 Atlas Edition: Plastic Pollution from Macro to Nano
11.11.2022 Microplastics & Nanoplastics Oral Presentation Award
08.11.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Pressemeldung: Neue Studie der Universität Bayreuth: Bioabbaubares Mikroplastik in Böden lässt CO₂-Emissionen ansteigen
06.11.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Weigert (2022) - Investigation of the halophilic PET hydrolase PET6 from Vibrio gazogenes
06.11.2022 Microplastics 2022
03.11.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Dudko (2022) - Spontaneous delamination of affordable natural vermiculite as a high barrier filler for biodegradable food packaging
03.11.2022 MUT - Mädchen und Technik 2022
25.10.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Pressemeldung: Bayreuther Fallstudie entdeckt ökologische Folgen wasserlöslicher Polymere
04.10.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Jasinski (2022) - Tailor-Made Protein Corona Formation on Polystyrene Microparticles and its Effect on Epithelial Cell Uptake
04.10.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Rohrbach (2022) - Microplastic polymer properties as deterministic factorsdriving terrestrial plastisphere microbiome assembly andsuccession in the field
21.09.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Meides (2022) - Quantifying the fragmentation of polypropylene upon exposure to accelerated weathering
27.08.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Pressemeldung: Partikel aus alltäglichen Wandfarben können lebende Organismen schädigen – Neuartige Membran zeigt hohe Filterleistung
10.08.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Schrank (2022) - Microplastic sample purification methods - Assessing detrimental effects of purification procedures on specific plastic types
05.08.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Völkl (2022) -  Pristine and artificially-aged polystyrene microplastic particles differ in regard to cellular response
01.08.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Ritschar (2022) - Taking advantage of transparency: A proof-of-principle for the analysis of the uptake of labeled microplastic particles by organisms of different functional feeding guilds using an adapted CUBIC protocol
25.07.2022 SFB 1357 Mikroplastik Seminar: 25.07.2022 | Prof. Dr. Peter Fiener | Arable soils - a leaking sink of microplastic?
20.06.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Menzel (2022) -  Degradation of low-density polyethylene to nanoplastic particles by accelerated weathering
20.06.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Mauel (2022) - Quantification of photooxidative defects in weathered microplastics using 13C multiCP NMR spectroscopy
18.05.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Pressemeldung: Neue Studie untersucht Mikroplastikbelastung in einer Rheinaue bei Köln
16.05.2022 SFB 1357 Mikroplastik Insights Seminar: 16.05.2022 | Jan-Pascal Boos und Dr. Hannes Laermanns | Nachverfolgung des Mikroplastik-Transports auf der Bodenoberfläche und an der Wasser-Sediment Grenze
04.05.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Opitz (2022) - Sedimentation Kinetics of Hydrous Ferric Oxides in Ferruginous, Circumneutral Mine Water
28.04.2022 Girls Day 2022
27.04.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Pressemeldung: Nanoplastikteilchen suchen Anschluss: Bayreuther Forscher*innen analysieren Polyethylen-Abbau in der Umwelt
15.04.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Zhang (2022) - Biomimetic gill-inspired membranes with direct-through micropores for water remediation by efficiently removing microplastic particles
15.04.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Wieland (2022) - From properties to toxicity: Comparing microplastics to other airborne microparticles
14.04.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Stäglich (2022) - Portable Hyperpolarized Xe-129 Apparatus with Long-Time Stable Polarization Mediated by Adaptable Rb Vapor Density
13.04.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Ahmadi (2022) - Systematic Evaluation of Physical Parameters Affecting the Terminal Settling Velocity of Microplastic Particles in Lakes Using CFD
13.04.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Nogueira (2022) - Spatiotemporal variations in water sources and mixing spots in a riparian zone
04.04.2022 SFB 1357 Mikroplastik Insights Seminar: 04.04.2022 | Matthias Völkl und Simon Wieland | Mikroplastik ist nicht Mikroplastik - Wenn Partikeleigenschaften über die biologische Wirkung entscheiden
03.04.2022 3sat WissenHoch2: Gefährlicher Müll - verborgene Deponien der Gemeinden
16.03.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Esders (2022) - Quantitative detection of aerial suspension of particles with a full-frame visual camera for atmospheric wind tunnel studies
15.03.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Schwarzer (2022) - Shape, size, and polymer dependent effects of microplastics on Daphnia magna
08.03.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Leitner (2022) - Efficient Synthesis and Wetting Characteristics of Amphiphilic Galactose–PLA Block Copolymers: A Potential Additive for the Accelerated Biodegradation of Micro- and Nanoplastics
25.02.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Elagami (2022) - Measurement of microplastic settling velocities and implications for residence times in thermally stratified lakes
21.02.2022 SFB 1357 Mikroplastik Seminar: 21.02.2022 | Prof. Dr. Silke Christiansen | From macro- to nano-plastics: Scale bridging analytics with microscopies and spectroscopies in various matrices and preparative workflows
17.02.2022 Neue Empfehlung durch die Zeitschrift Histochemistry & Cell Biology
10.02.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Wilde (2022) - Improving the proteome coverage of Daphnia magna - implications for future ecotoxicoproteomics studies
26.01.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Lehmann (2022) - Analytic Solution to the Piecewise Linear Interface Construction Problem and Its Application in Curvature Calculation for Volume-of-Fluid Simulation Codes
24.01.2022 SFB 1357 Mikroplastik Seminar: 24.01.2022 | Prof. Dr. Thilo Hofmann | Nanotechnology, Nanogeosciences, Nanoplastics: Similarities and Perspectives
14.01.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Shabbir (2022) - Enhanced periphyton biodegradation of endocrine disrupting hormones and microplastic: Intrinsic reaction mechanism, influential humic acid and microbial community structure elucidation
10.01.2022 Siblers DenkRäume: neuer Podcast mit Prof. Christian Laforsch
05.01.2022 Neue SFB 1357 Publikation: Zhang (2022) - The Bacteroidetes Aequorivita sp. and Kaistella jeonii Produce Promiscuous Esterases With PET-Hydrolyzing Activity

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